Llano Seco Unit

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The Llano Seco Unit is part of the Steve Thompson North Central Valley Wildlife Management Area, and is situated about 10 miles southwest of the city of Chico in Butte County.  The Unit consists of 1,732 acres, comprised primarily of wetlands and grasslands with some riparian habitats.

The Llano Seco Unit was established in 1989 as part of the Steve Thompson North Central Valley Wildlife Management Area.  It is part of the historic Llano Seco Rancho, the last intact Mexican land grant in California.  This historic area is bounded by the Sacramento River to the west and is bisected by Angel Slough in the center and Little Chico Creek to the east.  This diverse landscape includes riparian floodplains, uplands and wetland basins. 

The Llano Seco Unit consists of two distinct areas:  Sanctuary I (967 acres) and Sanctuary II (765 acres).  Managed wetlands comprise nearly half of the total acreage, and consist mostly of seasonally flooded wetlands, with some semi-permanent and permanent wetlands.  The remaining acreage is comprised of grasslands, vernal pools, and irrigated pasture with some riparian forest habitats.  The Unit supports large populations of wintering waterfowl, as well as other species such as: bald eagle, mountain lion, bobcat, State-listed as threatened greater sandhill cranes, Swainson's hawk, federally threatened giant garter snakes and valley elderberry longhorn beetle, federally endangered vernal pool tadpole shrimp and vernal pool fairy shrimp, and species of concern California linderiella and Ferris's milk-vetch.

Sanctuary I has no public use and is an inviolate sanctuary.  Sanctuary II has a non-consumptive wildlife-dependent public use including wildlife observation, photography, environmental education and interpretation.  There is a 1/2-mile walking trail and two observation platforms open to the public from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset (see BROCHURE).

Hunting is NOT permitted on the Llano Seco Unit.  Access the Complex's hunting webpage for more information. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife oversee a different Llano Seco south of our property which permits hunting.

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