Gorge Refuge Stewards

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The Gorge Refuge Stewards are a group of volunteers who help the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service preserve and maintain the three National Wildlife Refuges in the western Columbia River Gorge, in western Washington State.


Our mission: 

Preserve and enhance the native species of Steigerwald Lake, Franz Lake and Pierce National Wildlife Refuges through public education, advocacy and habitat restoration.

We do this by:

  • Recruiting, training & leading volunteers in support of the Refuges through habitat restoration, citizen science, environmental education and other efforts.
  • Making the public more aware of the Refuges through personal contacts, presentations, the media, community events, and the Internet.
  • Serving as advocates for the Refuges.


Visit the Gorge Refuge Stewards' website for upcoming events, guided walks, and more information about getting involved at the Refuge or with the Stewards.