Wildlife & Habitat

Birds landing in a marsh

The St. Johns National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1971 to protect threatened and endangered species and to specifically provide adequate habitat to recover the dusky seaside sparrow from extinction.

  • Black Rail


    St. Johns NWR currently has a healthy population of this very secretive species.

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  • Marsh Habitat


    A marsh, also called a "wetland," is one of our most important habitats. Marshes probably support more life than any other type of habitat. They are also essential to keeping our environment clean.

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  • Eastern Indigo Snake

    Eastern Indigo snake

    The eastern indigo snake is in severe decline. Because of declining populations, the indigo is one of the most protected snakes in the US.

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  • Loggerhead Shrike


    The Loggerhead Shrike doesn't look like a predator, but it uses its hooked beak to kill insects, lizards, mice, and birds, and then impales them on thorns to hold them while it rips them apart. 

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  • River Otter


    River otters are very playful animals and can very often be seen playing games.

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