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Lake Impoundments

Annual Public Use Permits are required for visitors who participate in hunting or fishing activities. Permits costs $20.00 each and are valid August 1st through July 31st of each year.

You can purchase a Public Use Permit online, in person, or by mail. For online purchasing, visit the Lower Mississippi Permits website. Kinsail accepts all major credit cards. All hunters and fishermen are encouraged to purchase permits online. 

There are a limited number of permits available at the refuge headquarters and at various sales outlets. Call the refuge headquarters for more information. A money order is required when purchasing a permit in person at the refuge.

If mailing your request, make sure to include a $20.00 money order along with it. Mailing address for Annual Public Use Permits is:
St. Catherine Creek Annual Public Use Permit, c/o Kinsail Corporation
PO Box 1092
McLean, VA 22101

Special Use Permits (SUP)

Permits enable the public to engage in legitimate wildlife-related activities and ensures that such activities are carried out in a manner that safeguards wildlife. Additionally, some permits promote conservation efforts by authorizing scientific research, generating data, or allowing wildlife management and rehabilitation activities to go forward. 

At St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge, wildlife comes first. For this reason, Special Use Permits (SUP) are required in order to conduct many activities, including but not limited to the following:


  • Filming/videotaping (any non-amateur work) 
  • Wildlife or general photography (for publications or retail) 
  • Seining or any collecting of plants, animals, soil, or water (includes collecting for off-refuge or on-refuge use) 
  • Any after-hours use 
  • Any activities in areas not open to the visiting public 
  • All research 
  • Crossing refuge property to access private property 


If you are interested in conducting one of the above activities on the refuge, we encourage you to contact refuge management at least one month in advance to begin the permit process. If you are found conducting a restricted activity without a SUP, you could be subject to legal action. Click here for specific instructions and to download forms for SUPs. 

Thank you for helping us protect America's wildlife and wild lands. 

Last Updated: May 27, 2014
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