Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Protecting resources and people on our refuges is the fundamental responsibility of refuge officers. The mission of the Refuge Law Enforcement Program is to support the administration of the National Wildlife Refuge System through the management and protection of natural, historic and cultural resources, property, and people on lands and waters of our national wildlife refuges.

Refuge Law Enforcement Objectives

Law enforcement is an integral part of managing the National Wildlife Refuge System. Refuge law enforcement officers are responsible for upholding federal laws and regulations that protect natural resources, the public, and employees. Our objectives are:


  • To protect refuge visitors and employees from disturbance or harm by others. 
  • To assist visitors in understanding refuge laws, regulations, and the reasons for them. 
  •   To enhance the management and protection of fish and wildlife resources on refuges.
  • To ensure the legally prescribed, equitable use of fish and wildlife resources on refuges. 
  • To obtain compliance with laws and regulations necessary for the proper administration, management, and protection of the National Wildlife Refuge System. 

To report refuge violations, call the refuge at (601) 442-6696 or (601) 597-4075.

For more information about law enforcement, please check out Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries & Parks and Hunter Education websites.