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Snowmobile Info

Additional Information about Appropriateness, Compatibility and Snowmobiling

During some of our early meetings, we received requests for additional information, it is posted here.

Appropriate Use Policy
Compatibility Policy 


Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge 

Recently, the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge in Northern Vermont completed its Comprehensive Conservation Plan. Staff for the US Fish and Wildlife Service completed a draft compatibility determination for snowmobiling that found the activity "not compatible". After the draft CCP and CD were completed the "appropriateness" policy was adopted by USFWS. The finding of appropriateness was completed and snowmobiling was found "not appropriate." The compatibility determination was never finalized because a "not appropriate" finding supercedes the need to complete a compatibility determination.

Nulhegan Basin Division

Staff from the Nulhegan Basin completed a compatibility determination for snowmobiling in 2002 and found the activity compatible. No appropriate use finding has been completed for snowmobiling on the Nulhegan Basin Division.

Pondicherry Division 

Refuge staff completed a compatibility determination for snowmobile access in 2007 and found the activity compatible with certain stipulations.

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2014
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