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Invasive Species

Removing stiltgrass - Joan Deely.

Invasive Species on Refuge Lands

As part of the natural resource inventory of refuge lands, refuge biologists, with the help of student interns and volunteers, collect data on the presence and abundance of invasive species. Then an assessment will ensue to determine which of those invasive species threaten the health of valuable wildlife habitat or other important resources. A plan is then developed that lays out a course of action. Invasive plant control work is already underway on several refuge properties.

Invasive Species Activities in the Connecticut River Watershed

Invasive species know no property boundaries. They impact all kinds of public and private lands and waters. To help address this situation, the Conte Refuge is involved in partnerships with many other agencies and organizations. Together, they work collaboratively to educate and engage citizens to take action, prioritize control activities control some of the watersheds most serious invaders.

Page Photo Credits — Removing stiltgrass - Joan Deely.
Last Updated: Jun 27, 2014
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