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Final CCP - EIS

The final comprehensive conservation plan (CCP) and environmental impact statement (EIS) can be accessed below. These files are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

The final CCP/EIS is available to download below. It is divided into 7 chapters and 15 appendixes. We recognize that the final CCP/EIS is very lengthy, so we are posting a newsletter to highlight some of the changes between draft and final plans and to point readers to where they can find more detailed information in the full version of the final CCP/EIS. The newsletter includes a Reader’s Guide to help readers navigate the document. The reader’s guide lists, and briefly describes, all of the chapters and appendixes in the final CCP/EIS.

Newsletter, Including Readers Guide

December 2016 Newsletter

Volume 1 - Chapters

Cover Page / Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Purpose of, and Need for, Action
Chapter 2 - The Planning Process
Chapter 3 - Affected Environment 
Chapter 4 – Alternatives, Including the Service’s Preferred Alternative

Part A
Part B
Part C

Chapter 5 - Environmental Consequences
Chapter 6 - Consultation and Coordination
Chapter 7 - List of Preparers
Acronyms / Glossary 
Back Cover 
Entire Document

Volume 2 - Appendixes

Cover Page / Table of Contents
Appendix A - Resources Overview and Management Direction for Conservation Focus Areas and Refuge Units

Appendix B – Process for Establishing Priority Refuge Resources of Concern

Appendix C – Land Protection Plan 

Appendix D - Findings of Appropriateness and Compatibility Determinations
Appendix E - Wilderness Review
Appendix F – Wild and Scenic Rivers Review
Appendix G - Refuge Operations Needs System and Service Asset Maintenance Management System
Appendix H - Staffing Charts
Appendix I - U.S. Geological Survey Report: Economic Impacts of Current and Proposed Management Alternatives
Appendix J – Forest Management Guidelines
Appendix K – Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge Act of 1991
Appendix L – Fire Management Program Guidance
Appendix M – Conservation Plans and Initiatives Guiding the Development of the CCP
Appendix N – List of Partnerships
Appendix O - Service's Response to Public Comments on the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge Draft CCP/EIS
Back Cover
Entire Document

Factsheets Frequently Asked Questions about Conte NFWR Land Acquisition 

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2017
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