Rules and Regulations

Trailhead - USFWS.

In order to protect the integrity of refuge lands, there are certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to when visiting.

There are multiple uses of the divisions and units of the refuge. They may include, but are not limited to, activities such as hiking, bird watching, hunting, fishing and photography. Some activities may require permits (please see the permits page). Through the comprehensive conservation planning process, all public uses are currently being evaluated.

Following is a list of current rules on the various divisions and units:

  • The Wissatinnewag and Deadman’s Swamp Units are currently closed to the public for resource protection.
  • The Third Island Unit is closed to the public from January 1st through August 1st for the Bald Eagle nesting season.
  • All divisions and units that are open to the public are open ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset except for the Nulhegan Basin Division which is open 24 hours a day.
  • Snowmobiling is permitted on marked and groomed snowmobile trails at the Nulhegan Basin Division, Pondicherry Division, and the Dead Branch Division.
  • Hunting and fishing is allowed at some divisions and units.
  • Most divisions and units are open to environmental education, interpretation, wildlife photography and wildlife observation.
  • Visitors are not allowed to use disruptive techniques that will disturb wildlife (e.g., baiting, playback tapes, or electronic calls).

To learn more information about a specific division or unit contact the refuge manager at: (413) 548-8002 Ext. 112 (properties in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire) or 802-962-5240 Ext. 112 (properties in Vermont).