Hunter check - Brett Billings/USFWS.


The Nulhegan Basin Division provides opportunities for hunting according to state and refuge-specific regulations. This portion of Vermont is recognized as the premier region for hunting. It is particularly noteworthy for: large white-tailed deer, relatively abundant moose, a sizeable black bear population, and some of the best ruffed grouse and American woodcock hunting. Snowshoe hare also support abundant hunting opportunities in this remote setting. With an abundance of game, and fewer roads and development, the refuge lands and surrounding areas offer some of the best hunting opportunities in Vermont. Hunters bring a good deal of trade to local businesses during the season.


Refuge-specific hunting regulations generally mirror New Hampshire Fish and Game Department regulations with minor exceptions. During the open seasons people may hunt moose, white-tailed deer, waterfowl (Note: Cherry and Little Cherry ponds, and the posted area between them are all closed to hunting), and small game. Hunters need to be familiar with Refuge regulations before going out into the field. Motorized and mechanized vehicles are not permitted on the refuge.

Hunting is also allowed on many of the other divisions and units of the refuge. Please contact the refuge manager at (413) 548-8002 Ext. 112 to inquire about specific locations.