Ice fishing - Kathy Fournier.


The Nulhegan Basin Division currently provides opportunities for fishing according to state regulations. This area of Vermont is highly regarded for trout fishing. Various reaches of the North and Black Branches of the Nulhegan River are popular for trout fishing. Lewis Pond offers “wilderness like” fishing opportunities.


Anglers at the Pondicherry Division must comply with the state fishing regulations. Although Pondicherry is not sought out by most anglers, Cherry Pond and the John’s River do offer recreational fishing opportunities, and people may fish on any of the other streams and ponds on the refuge. Chain pickerel and sunfish are the principal game fish on the refuge.

Fishing is also allowed on many of the other divisions and units of the refuge. Please contact the refuge manager at (413) 548-8002 Ext. 113 to inquire about specific locations.