Plan Your Visit

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The expansive mudflats along the Siletz River estuary churn with a motley assortment of clams, crabs, worms, and shrimpvital nutriment for migrating shorebirds. Visitors in the spring or fall can expect to see thousands of these birds, including Western and Least Sandpiper, Red-necked Phalarope, Whimbrel, Dunlin and such rarities as Ruff. 

Waterfowl like Mallard, Northern Pintail, American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, Bufflehead, Red-breasted Merganser, Hooded Merganser, and Canada and Cackling Geese feed and rest on the marshes. Also found here are Beaver, Mink, and River Otter. Forested areas of the refuge teem with black-tailed deer, Roosevelt elk, salamanders and frogs. 

Be sure to bring binoculars, a spotting scope or camera: There's always a wealth of wildlife to be found at Siletz Bay Refuge.


Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge is located just south of Lincoln City along US Highway 101.  Look for the refuge sign and turn east onto Millport Slough Lane into the refuge parking lot. GPS Coordinates are coordinates are 44°53’42.87”N 124°00’34.14”W 

Hours & Fees

Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge is open from sunrise to sunset.  No overnight parking is allowed. There are no fees to use this refuge. 


Pets are NOT allowed on Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge for the protection of wildlife and visitors.

Weather & Tides 

Weather on the coast is a mercurial thing. You can expect to experience temperatures ranging between 45 and 75 degrees; fog and high winds are common, as well as radiant sunshine. Rain is a perennial threat, so bring proper attire. 

If you're visiting during the winter, expect rainy conditions. In summer, you maymayexperience nice and dry days. Check the forecast for current conditions.

Incoming tides isolate rocks from headlands and the shore. Avoid the temptation of strolling to an interesting rock without knowing the tides. Free tide tables are available at state park offices, information centers, shops and motels.

There are several resources online for tracking the tides; here's one good option.

Hunting & Fishing

Sport hunting and fishing are permitted on the refuge in accordance with all state and federal regulations. Hunters should consult the Oregon state hunting regulations and visit our Permits page for more information. 


Waterfowl hunting is allowed seven days per week on some refuge-owned lands west of Highway 101. These lands consist of 80 acres of salt marsh where the Siletz River empties into the bay. A 200-yard safety zone is in effect, prohibiting hunting on refuge property that extends westward from the refuge property line on the west side of the housing development of Siletz Keys.

Additionally, waterfowl hunting on 112 acres of refuge lands that lie east of Highway 101 and south of Millport Slough is allowed three days per week. Specifically, hunters can pursue ducks, geese, and coots on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hunters utilizing lands east of U.S. Highway 101 and south of Millport Slough will access the site via a small parking area and trail located on South Millport Slough Road, or by boat.