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    The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program uses art and science to teach students in grades K through 12 the value of wetlands and the waterfowl that use them. Through educational curriculum, students are exposed to a variety of topics covering waterfowl, habitat and ways to conserve both. By entering the Junior Duck Stamp art contest, students can show off what they've learned visually.

     2020 Marked the 28th year for the  Junior Duck Stamp Program - Curriculum Now Available.  

    As a way to celebrate 28 years, the Junior Duck Stamp Program has updated its curriculum. This curriculum was field tested by environmental educators, teachers, biologists and others. There are two guides available: an educators guide and a youth guide. Each contains lessons plans with a variety of activities focusing on scientific principles and fun. The guides target children in grades 5 to 8. 

    See Contest Announcement News Release (PDF - 866KB)


    How do I enter the Junior Duck Stamp art contest?

    Each year thousands of students across the nation enter the contest. In 2020, 170+ students in grades K through 12 participated in Michigan. Public schools, private schools and students from home schools were represented. At each state, territory or district competition, 100 winners are chosen with one top winner, called the "Best of Show." The Best of Show's then compete in the national competition. One image is selected to become the Federal Junior Duck Stamp.

    Entries for the Michigan Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest are due by March 15 of every year. Artwork must be of a North American duck, goose or swan. Registration information can be found on the  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge's Junior Duck Stamp Program webpage. You may also visit the  Federal Junior Duck Stamp webpage for more information on the contest.  


    Great awards and prizes for your students 

    All students who enter receive a personalized certificate and their artwork is returned. All first through third place pieces are kept for displays across the state and returned within one year. Three first place, three second place, and three third place winners and up to 16 honorable mention winners are awarded in each of the four age categories...that's 100 winners altogether! A special awards ceremony is held each spring at Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge for all first through third place winners. Prizes in past years have included gift certificates, art supplies, backpacks and more. In addition, each year several teachers who go "above and beyond" are recognized and given gift certificates for art supplies.

    *NewWe have expanded our parameters to accept all styles of two-dimensional artwork featuring qualifying North American waterfowl species. See flyer entitled Calling All Young Artists for more details (PDF - 442KB).

    **New -Scholarship Opportunity for Graduating Seniors: Graduating High School Seniors who are one of the three first-place winners in their State Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest will have their artwork forwarded to the National Junior Duck Stamp Contest. Their artwork will be considered for the Sid Crawford Waterfowl Conservation Award, presented by the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society. See Sid Crawford Flyer for details (PDF - 445KB). 

    Where can I get a Junior Duck Stamp?

    You can purchase the Junior Duck Stamp through the U.S. Postal Service and select National Wildlife Refuges.  Junior Duck Stamps cost $5 each and can also be purchased at many U.S. Post Offices. Proceeds from the sale of these stamps benefit the Junior Duck Stamp Program. To purchase a stamp contact the U.S. Postal Service at 800-782-6724.

    2021 Michigan Junior Duck Stamp Contest 

     In Michigan, the 2020 Junior Duck Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) at the Shiawassee NWR, is supported by the USFWS Migratory Bird Office, Friends of Shiawassee NWR, Ducks Unlimited, Shiawassee NWR Volunteers, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, The Conservation Fund, Northwood University, and Congressman Dale Kildee's Saginaw Office.


    If you wish to host the travel display, contact Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge, Michigan Junior Duck Stamp Coordinator, at 989-759-1669.


  • 2020 Michigan Best of Show Winner

    Amanda Chen MI BOS 2020

    2020. Amanda Chen, Art Corner Studio, Ann Arbor

  • 2019 Michigan Best of Show Winner

    2019 JDS BOS

    2019, Mandy He, Teacher Liu’s Art Studio, Ann Arbor

  • 2018 Michigan Best of Show Winner

    2018 BOS Alice Ying

    2018, Alice Ying, Paris Art Studio, Canton MI

  • 2017 Michigan Best of Show Winner

    BOS 2017 Emma Chen age 15

    2017, Emma Chen, Art Corner Studio, Ann Arbor

  • 2017 Conservation Message Michigan Best of Show Winner

    Conservation Message

    Conservation Message: A single heart, cherishing the natural world, is more powerful than any machine to cut it down.   

    2017, Emelia Shaw, Goodwillie Environmental School, Ada

  • 2016 Michigan Best of Show Winner

    JDS BOS  JDS PAGE 2016

    2016, Xiaolin Yuan, Art Corner Studio, Ann Arbor

  • 2015 Michigan Best of Show

    The Beauty of Ducks by Vicky Tang

    2015, Vicky Tang, Art Corner Studio, Ann Arbor

  • 2014 Best of Show

    2014 BOS

    2014, Alexandra Greenfelder, Chesaning High School, Chesaning           


  • 2013 Best of Show

    Hannah Hu

    2013, Hannah Hu, Creative Art Studio (Logan Elementary School), Ann Arbor 

  • 2012 Best of Show

    2012 Junior Duck Stamp - Grades 10-12 First Place - Yuting Liu

    2012, Yuting Liu, Creative Art Studio, Ann Arbor

  • 2011 Best of Show

    2011 Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show

    2011, Paulina Tsao, Creative Art Studio (formerly Vision Studio), Ann Arbor

  • 2010 Best of Show

    2010 Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show

    2010, Qianchi Zhang, Art Corner, Ann Arbor

  • 2009 Best of Show

    2009 Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show

    2009, Yi Li, Art Corner, Ann Arbor

  • 2008 Best of Show

    2008 Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show

    2008, Yi Li, Art Corner, Ann Arbor

  • 2007 Best of Show

    2007 Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show

    2007, Samuel Dantuma, Standish-Sterling High School, Standish

  • 2006 Best of Show

    2006 Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show

    2006, Samuel Dantuma, Standish-Sterling High School, Standish

  • 2005 Best of Show

    2005 Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show

    2005, Kevin North, Lapeer East High School, Lapeer

  • For more information contact Michigan's Junior Duck Coordinator

    Junior Duck Stamp Coordinator
    c/o Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge
    6975 Mower Road
    Saginaw, MI 48601

    Phone: 989-759-1669
    or e-mail at Shiawassee@fws.gov