Wildlife & Habitat

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Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1931 to protect the American pronghorn which was in imminent danger of extinction. Together with Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge just a few miles north, the refuge today is important for the conservation of pronghorn, greater sage-grouse, American pika, California bighorn sheep, redband trout, and hundreds of other wildlife and plants which depend upon sagebrush habitats found in the high desert of the Great Basin.

  • American Pronghorn Antelope

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    (Antilocapra americana

    The American Pronghorn is the signature species of Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge and the fastest land animal in North America. Do you know why?

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  • Western Juniper

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    (Juniperus Occidentalis

    These trees are among the oldest living things found in Oregon. Just how old can these tough and hearty trees live to be?

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  • Greater sage-grouse

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    The drumming chest and elaborate strut of the male sage grouse is a renowned spectacle of the high desert

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