Hunting is one of the priority recreational uses on National Wildlife Refuges and compatible with the mission of this refuge.

On Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge, it is allowed in areas designated as open to hunting and is in accordance with all applicable state and federal regulations. Season dates and bag limits are as specified in the State of Oklahoma Hunting Regulations. Download the Refuge Hunt Brochure to see areas that are open to hunting.

The following game species can be hunted on Sequoyah with a special use permit (required):

  • Waterfowl: All waterfowl species (ducks, geese, and mergansers) permitted by Oklahoma hunting regulations. 
  • Small Game: Coot, snipe, mourning dove, woodcock, rabbit, gray squirrel, and fox squirrel. Small game hunting is closed on the refuge from January 31 until September 1. 
  • Deer: Controlled hunt allowed during certain years.
  • Feral Hog: May be harvested incidentally during big game and upland game hunting.


    To submit your name for a controlled Deer Hunt, visit the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation controlled hunt page

    Refuge Hunting Regulations:

    • Hunters may possess only legal non-toxic shot while hunting waterfowl and small game species on the refuge. 
    • Hunters may only hunt with plugged shotguns capable of holding three shells in the magazine and chamber combined. 
    • Persons possessing, transporting, or carrying firearms on National Wildlife Refuges must comply with all provisions of State and local law. 
    • Persons may only use (discharge) firearms in accordance with refuge regulations.
    • Hunters may construct temporary blinds provided that only natural materials (grass, downed logs, cattails, etc.) are used. Materials such as lumber, metal, nails, plastic, wire, etc., may not be used in constructing blinds. 
    • Portable blinds may be used, but must be removed at the end of each hunt. 
    • Pit blinds are prohibited. 
    • Personal property must be removed at the end of each hunt. 
    • Boats are allowed for hunting. Hunters may not shoot from any boat that is under power or in motion. 
    • All boats must comply with state regulations. 
    • Air driven watercraft is restricted to the navigation channel from September 1 to March 31. 
    • Parking is permitted in designated parking areas only.
    • Hunters may not shoot or hunt within 50 feet of public refuge roads, parking areas, or from any vehicle. 
    • Hunters may not use refuge roads, parking areas, or boat landings to access off-refuge areas for hunting on non-hunt days or for any species that is not legal to hunt on the refuge. 
    • Hunters waiting at the Headquarters access gate must park in a manner to allow the passage of official vehicles at all times. Vehicles must not be left unattended. 

    * Please note: Irregular water depths occur in wetlands and marshes so hunters should use caution when wading.

    Helpful Information
    Special Use Permits for Waterfowl and Small Game