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River Otter

River otters are very curious animals.  At times, otters mat be observed swimming in the refuge pools alone, or you may see small family groups.  

Page Photo Credits — River Otter - Nicole Olechowski/2010 Photo Contest - 2nd Place Wildlife Category, Chipmunk Holding a Columbine Flower - Charles Klinger/2010 Photo Contest: 3rd Place Wildlife Category, Cedar Waxwing - Barbara Hysell/2010 Photo Contest: 1st Place Wildlife Category, Painted Turtle - Kelly Ramsey/USFWS, Bullheads stocked in the Show Pools in 1963 - USFWS, Buckeye Butterfly - Barbara Hysell/2012 Photo Contest, Indian Pipe - Sara Giles/USFWS
Last Updated: Apr 04, 2016
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