Cross-country Skiing & Snowshoeing

Snowy Trail

Winter is a beautiful time to visit the refuge. As you move through the trees, watch for animal tracks in the snow or tunnels created by the small mammals who live under the snow. These signs tell a story; can you figure it out?

  • Cross-country Skiing

    Skiing Otter Run Trail

    Northern Hardwoods Cross-country Ski Area

    The Northern Hardwoods Cross-country Ski Area offers skiers over 9 miles of groomed trails. Explore the beauty of the north woods as you ski through a mature stand of sugar maple, beech, and yellow birch. View magnificent hardwood forests, marshes, and the frozen beauty of the Manistique River. Novices and advanced skiers alike will discover trails that are challenging, fun and full of wildlife.

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    Trail Grooming

    - Trails are groomed as conditions and staff allow, usually once per week.
    - Trails are groomed for classic cross-country skiing.

    To ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, please follow these regulations and guidelines:

    - Ski during daylight hours only.
    - Tell friends or family where you will be skiing.
    - Motorized vehicles are prohibited on ski trails.
    - Dogs and snowshoeing are not allowed on the cross-country ski trails, as they damage the groomed tracks.
    - Cross-country skiing is allowed anywhere on the refuge. Regulations restricting dogs and snowshoes apply only on the groomed ski trails. Dogs must be leashed.


    Ski TrailsMiles  Kilometers  Difficulty
    Goose Pen Bend0.81.3Easiest
    Otter Run1.83.0Easiest
    Manistique River Run  2.33.7Easiest
    Smith Farm0.61.0Easiest
    Bear Hollow1.11.8More Difficult
    Skunk Ridge1.22.0More & Most Difficult
    Cub Hollow0.50.9Most Difficult

    Ski Trail Brochure (with map).  

  • Snowshoeing


    Snowshoeing is allowed anywhere on the Seney National Wildlife Refuge with the exception of the Northern Hardwoods Ski Trail. If you would like to snowshoe alongside the trails you are welcome, but please do not snowshoe on or in the groomed trails.