Anglers enjoy fishing in several pools at Seney National Wildlife Refuge. Just remember, lead tackle and discarded fishing line can be hazardous to wildlife, so use non-lead tackle and take advantage of our fishing line recycling program and take your used line to one of the drop off sites located along the Fishing Loop or C-3 Pool parking lot.

Fishing at Seney is a great way to spend an afternoon!

Game Species

  • Species found in the refuge pools include northern pike, yellow perch, brown bullhead, pumpkinseed, and bluegill.
  • Species in the rivers and streams include northern pike, walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, brook trout, and brown trout.

Map A  

C-3 Pool Fishing Map


Map B


Seney Fishing Map

Location Map

 Fishing Brochure Location Map



Fishing is permitted on Seney National Wildlife Refuge with a valid Michigan fishing license. In addition to all applicable State regulations, the following refuge regulations apply:

Special Conditions

  • Use of lead tackle is prohibited on the refuge. Lead is a toxic metal which has adverse effects on the nervous and reproductive systems of wildlife.
  • Live bait or artificial lures may be used.
  • Wildlife have the right-of-way. Separating young animals from their parents is often fatal. This is especially true for waterfowl.
  • Dispose of fishing line properly. Line left lying on the ground or in the water may entangle wildlife causing serious injury or death. Several refuge fishing sites offer recycling bins for your used fishing line.
  • Camping and campfires are not permitted.

Boating and Vehicle Regulations

  • Boats, canoes, and other flotation devices are not permitted on refuge pools and ditches.
  • Non-motorized watercraft are permitted on the Creighton River, Driggs River, and Walsh Creek. 
  • Motorized craft are permitted on the Manistique River.
  • All refuge roads and trails are open to bicycle and foot traffic.
  • Vehicles are allowed on refuge roads and trails when gates are open. No off-road travel allowed with any motorized vehicle. Park vehicles along roads laving room for other vehicles to pass, but do not block gates. Beware of soft shoulders and steep banks.

Refuge Pools

  • Fishing is permitted from the bank only.  Wading is not allowed.

Fish Consumption Advisory

  • Michigan's lakes contain mercury which can accumulate in certain fish species. The Michigan Department of Community Health recommends that you only eat one meal per week of yellow perch, crappie, or rock bass over nine inches in length; or bass, walleye, northern pike, or muskellunge of any size. Women of childbearing age and children under fifteen should not eat more than one meal per month of these fish. Check or call 1-800-648-6492 for more information.

Open Areas and Dates



  • Fishing is permitted on the refuge from May 15 thru September 30 during daylight hours only. Fishing is restricted to those pools that are designated in maps A and B.
  • Fishing is permitted on all stretches of the following rivers and streams during regular state seasons: Walsh Creek and Ditch, Creighton, Driggs, and Manistique Rivers.


  • Ice fishing is permitted on all refuge pools from January 1 to February 28. Access to pools is limited to foot traffic only. Ice shanties may not be left over night.

Why Can't I Use Lead on the Refuge?

 You Can Help, Don't Use Lead

For an accessible copy of the Hazards of Lead graphic above please click here.