• Upcoming Events

    • Sharp-tailed Grouse Blind Reservations

      Sharp-tailed Grouse
      April 1 to May 14 - Reserve your place for a chance to see the sharp-tailed grouse from our viewing blind. It will require early rising, a walk in, and possibly cold toes but the sight and sound of sharp-tailed grouse dancing on a lek (dancing/breeding ground) is one of nature's true spectacles. Males stomp their feet as fast as they can, causing their tails to rattle. At the same time they inflate purple neck sacks, called gular, which produce a unique sound. Meanwhile the females sit back and watch carefully to select their mate. The romance is fleeting and the hen will be left to raise the young on her own. Couple this show with the early morning light of dawn and you have the backdrop for a wonderful and unforgettable morning. Learn More
    • Volunteer Orientation

      Volunteer Orientation

      Are you looking for something to do with your free time? Do you enjoy volunteering? Do you like to learn about wildlife and meeting new people? Attend the volunteer orientation on Wednesday May 9th, 2018 and find out if volunteering at Seney National Wildlife Refuge is a good fit for you and become a part of something fun!


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    • Volunteer Bus Tour

      Bus Tour

      Have you ever wondered what is behind the refuge gates? Do you have questions about the refuge? The Volunteer Bus Tour May 10, 2018 is a continuation of the Volunteer Orientation held May 9, 2018. Staff take current and potential volunteers on a tour behind the locked refuge gates to answer questions and share their knowledge about the refuge.

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    • Visitor Center and Marshland Wildlife Drive Open

      Trumpeter Swans
      On May 15th the Visitor Center, Marshland Wildlife Drive, and Fishing Loop open for the season. Learn More