Law Enforcement

Umiuvigruaq with antlers

Law Enforcement on the Selawik Refuge is a coordinated effort with other agencies and organizations, including the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, National Park Service, Northwest Arctic Borough, and NANA.

Refuge enforcement efforts focus on state and federal regulations relating to wildlife, special use permit stipulations, and other land and resource protection concerns.  Alaska Refuges have refuge officers who patrol the backcountry, and the Alaska Wildlife Troopers keep a watchful eye for violations of rules and regulations.  In local communities, NANA Trespass Officers serve as points of contact and actively patrol NANA-owned lands.  The greatest enforcement effort occurs in the fall when visitor numbers typically peak on the refuge.  The closely coordinated regional law enforcement effort in Northwest Alaska means that the public may contact any of the participating agencies or organizations and we will work together to address your question or concern.

Please also remember that private lands and archaeological resources are protected.  Avoid trespassing or disturbing cultural sites or artifacts.

If you are planning to visit Selawik Refuge and have questions about which laws apply to you, contact us or visit our rules and regulations page.

The Alaska Fish & Wildlife Safeguard, a centralized reporting hotline, has been set up for the public to report violations at 800-478-3377.