Our Publications

We have a variety of publications available to help you learn more about Selawik Refuge and the region, including its natural and cultural history.

  • Refuge Brochure

    Selawik brochure cover

    A 25-page illustrated brochure which serves as a great introduction to the Selawik National Wildlife Refuge and the people, plants and animals who live here.

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  • Uqausriptigun

    Uqausriptigun cover (partial)

    "Uqausriptigun,"or In Our Own Words, is filled with quotes from Selawik elders relating their knowledge about caribou, reindeer, and life in the mid-20th century.  Plenty of great pictures! 

    Click "learn more" to open the pdf (7.9 mb) file.

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  • Fish That We Eat

    Fish That We Eat cover (partial)

    This comprehensive guide to catching, cutting and cooking fish is part cookbook, part natural history, and full of wisdom from the traditional fishing experts of the northwest arctic.  

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  • Conservation Plan Summary

    CCP Summary thumbnail

    A Comprehensive Conservation Plan is the main document that outlines the goals and objectives for a refuge's work.  Selawik Refuge's plan was updated in 2011. Read this summary (and browse the many photos) to learn more about the work we plan to do and why. 

    Click "learn more" to open the pdf (2.3 mb) file.

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  • Selawik Refuge Newsletter 2018

    2018 newsletter cover page crop

    2018 topics: benefits of wild foods, moose population and research, Selawik oral history project, sheefish research findings, caribou updates and traditional values, other research notes.

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  • Selawik Refuge Newsletter 2017

    Selawik Refuge Newsletter cover image 2017

    2017 Newsletter articles include "A Time Without Caribou" (elders' memories of past times), Youth Programs, Caribou Updates, Beluga Project, Sheefish Research, Moose Decline, Water Research and Migratory Bird Centennial.

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  • Selawik Refuge Newsletter 2014

    Newsletter 2014 partial cover

    Topics in the 2014 newsletter: coastal photography (Shore Zone), sheefish background info and project update, caribou herd declines, and use of ORVs and ATVs on refuge lands.

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  • Selawik Refuge Newsletter 2013

    Refuge newsletter 2013 cover image

    Newsletter features include sheefish sonar on the Selawik River, updates on caribou management, and climate change impacts.

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  • Selawik Refuge Newsletter 2012

    Newsletter 2012 thumbnail

    Updates from spring 2012. Features include history of muskrat trapping, snow research, and winter locations of sheefish.

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  • Selawik Refuge Newsletter 2011

    Newsletter 2011 thumbnail

    Read about the Selawik hot springs, an update on the "thaw slump," and more.  Published March 2011.

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  • Selawik Refuge Newsletter 2008

    Newsletter Fall 2008 thumbnail

    This newsletter from 2008 gives  background information about updates to our plan, and shares satellite locations from tagged swans.

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  • Selawik Refuge Newsletter 2007

    Newsletter 2007 thumbnail

    In 2007 we featured a big story on the thaw slump, info on bird flu and a sheefish spawning population estimate.

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