About the Complex

Cokeville Meadows NWR 512x319

Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge looking west in the Bear River Valley.  

Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is managed as part of the Central Sage Steppe Conservation Complex. A Conservation Complex is an group of two or more refuges, wildlife management areas, wetland management districts, or conservation areas that are primarily managed from a central office location.  Refuges are grouped into a complex because they occur in a similar region, such as a watershed or specific habitat type, and have a related purpose and management needs.  Typically, a project leader oversees the management of the refuges within the complex and refuge managers are responsible for operations at specific refuges. Support staff: administrative, law enforcement, refuge manager, biological, fire, visitor services, and maintenance, are centrally located and help with all refuges within the complex.

Other refuges in the Central Sage Steppe Conservation Complex include:  Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge; Wyoming's portion of the Bear River Watershed Conservation Area; Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge - near Casper; four refuges on the Laramie Plains: Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge, Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Mortenson Lake National Wildlife Refuge and the Wyoming Toad Conservation Area; and Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge near Walden in Northwestern Colorado. Administrative headquarters for the southwestern Wyoming refuges is located at Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, 37 miles north of Green River on Hwy 372 - 244 Seedskadee Road, PO Box 700, Green River, WY 82935; phone number 307-875-2187.  Administrative headquarters for Arapaho, Pathfinder, and the Laramie Plains refuges is located at Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, in Walden, CO phone number 970-732-8202.  


 Refuge Vicinity Map-512x700


The map above shows Seedskadee NWR location along with Cokeville Meadows NWR, which are two refuges in southwestern Wyoming in the Central Sage Steppe Conservation Complex.  Further down the Green River are two other refuges, which are not part of the Complex.