Ray researchers on Seal Beach NWR

Seal Beach NWR strongly encourages and supports research that benefits Refuge Management and does not detract from the mission, goals, or objectives of the refuge.

 Currently, much of the FWS funded research on the Refuge is focused on: 

  • climate change, 
  • sea level rise, 
  • land subsidence, 
  • and long term sustainability of the Refuge’s habitats and species. 

The goal is to protect and enhance Refuge populations of endangered species while also ensuring the conservation of other fish, wildlife, and plants for future generations of Americans. 


Current research supported by the Refuge but funded and carried out by other agencies or organizations include the following: 

  • green sea turtle distribution and abundance, 
  • tiger beetle distribution and abundance, 
  • round stingray studies (genetics, distribution, contaminants, electronic recognition, & parasites), 
  • CA least tern geolocator study, 
  • historical tsunami deposit study, 
  • marine invertebrate distribution and abundance, 
  • fish distribution and abundance, 
  • and small mammal distribution and abundance.