Resource Management


To provide habitat and protection for threatened and endangered species, with particular emphasis on the leatherback sea turtle. To foster a sense of public commitment and understanding for sea turtles and the need for protection by providing opportunities for environmental education, interpretation, and compatible wildlife-oriented recreation. To support the Service’s commitment to implement and carry out sea turtle recovery plans. To provide habitat for a natural diversity of plant and wildlife species.

Habitat restoration and reforestation  

The refuge's greenhouse grows trees used to reforest areas including dry forest habitats.  The refuge receives help from volunteers such as scouts, schools, organizations and members of the community to plant native and endangered trees. 

Importance of reforestation: besides the shade and the cool breeze, trees purify our air giving us a better quality of life.  It creates a healthy habitat for wildlife while beautifying the landscape. 

Fire Management 

Several intentional or accidental fires occur annually on the refuge.  Staff helps reduce fuel loads by controlling or removing exotic species.

Vegetation and wildlife monitoring 

Scientific research

The diversity found on the refuge makes it an ideal site to conduct long-term scientific research projects. In exchange, the data obtained from these projects helps the management and protection of Sandy Point’s natural resources. 

Law enforcement

In collaboration with local government agencies, law enforcement at the refuge ensures that the rules are followed. Preventing any damage to the wildlife and ensuring this space can be enjoyed by visitors for years to come.

Environmental education / Interpretation

Inviting visitors to learn more about the wildlife protected by the Sandy Point NWR helps them understand why these plant and animals need to be protected. Our goal is to increase their interest in wildlife and inspire them to be more environmentally friendly through their actions, so they can share their knowledge and motivate others to visit our facilities.