Permitted and Prohibited Activities

PERMITTED Activities:

  • Use of posted auto tour routes, nature trails, fishing areas, and parking lots
  • Pets on leash when outside of vehicle
  • Day use only

PROHIBITED Activities:

ALL areas of the refuges are CLOSED to public entry unless explicitly posted as a public use area.  Visitors must comply with ALL posted rules and regulations, in addition to what is listed below. Except where otherwise permitted / posted:

  • No trespassing in posted closed areas
  • No entry behind closed gates or fences
  • No night use
  • No travel off of designated public use road or trail
  • No parking outside of designated parking lots
  • No pets off leash when outside of vehicles
  • No dog field trials or dog training that involves being off-leash
  • No walking on auto tour routes
  • No bicycling
  • No horseback riding
  • No camping
  • No fires or cooking grills
  • No weapons (except shotguns used during lawful hunting activities as authorized by permit)
  • No discharge of firearms (except during lawful hunting activities as authorized by permit)
  • No take, disturbance or collection of wildlife or plants
  • No search for or removal of objects of antiquity or other valued objects
  • No prospecting or mining
  • No removal of any¬†property from refuge
  • No feeding wildlife
  • No spotlighting
  • No interference with persons engaged in authorized activities
  • No marijuana