Open Areas


OPEN Areas - Areas open to public use will be posted as such.  Road entrances to public use areas have a large brown refuge sign, open gate, and posted hours.  Areas open to the public include designated auto tour routes, nature trails, fishing areas, and parking lots.  Areas open to the public are listed on the refuge public use maps – follow the “MAPS” tab on the right side of this web page.  Public use areas are DAY USE ONLY.

CLOSED Areas – Areas closed to the public include all property that is not explicitly posted as an area open to the public including an auto tour route, nature trail, fishing area, or parking lot.  Closed area boundaries are posted along accessible areas with signs that may list the following: “UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY PROHIBITED”; “AREA BEYOND THIS SIGN CLOSED All public entry prohibited.”  Visitors must stay out of posted closed areas.  Visitors that enter posted closed areas are trespassing and are subject to law enforcement action including citations.