San Diego Bay NWR Final CCP document cover photo

The open waters of the bay, including areas within the South San Diego Bay Unit, provide important wintering and migratory stopover habitat for many species of waterfowl.

The most common of these species are the surf scoter, greater scaup, and lesser scaup. The intertidal mudflats and coastal salt marsh habitats of the Sweetwater Marsh and South San Diego Bay Units are also important wintering areas for many species of shorebirds, such as long-billed curlews, whimbrels, and red knots (Calidris canutus). The salt ponds and associated levees provide resting, foraging, and/or nesting habitat for an array of avian species, including Federal and State listed endangered species and various species identified by the Service as Birds of Conservation Concern.
In the refuge's Comprehensive Conservation Plan, a full bird list is stated in Appendix C.