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Acorn Planting group

Getting involved with the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge is a special treat.  Volunteers come together to assist in stewardship projects with not only the Refuge staff, but also California Department of Fish & Game, US Bureau of Land Management, and non-profits such as the Crestridge Ecological Reserve and the Earth Discovery Institute. 

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From its start in 1903, the National Wildlife Refuge System has owed its very existence to concerned citizens eager to protect America's natural resources.  

More than 200 nonprofit Refuge Friends organizations support national wildlife refuges, whether they work with a single refuge, a refuge complex or an entire state.  Friends members are crucial to conserving and protecting our nation’s wildlife and teaching millions of Americans that their actions today determine the conservation legacy of tomorrow.   

More than 42,000 people volunteer their time and ideas each year to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Whether they work on the land, in a visitor center or with youth, they contribute to the conservation mission that reaches back more than a century.  Become a volunteer or Refuge Friend to contribute your strength on behalf of America’s natural resources. 

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