Visitor Activities

Common yellowthroat/W. Radke

Explore and enjoy San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge.

Many visitors are drawn to the refuge by the colorful and sometimes rare bird species seen here.  The many wetlands provide fresh water for a diversity of wildlife found in the otherwise arid Chihuahuan Desert.

Wildlife Watching & Nature Trails:
The Black Draw Trail leads visitors through every habitat type found on the refuge. The 2.2-mile long trail includes wetlands, desert grassland, mesquite bosque (forest) and more. There is an observation deck on the overlook at the west mesa and interpretive panels at various locations along the trail. The trail can be accessed at the main entrance gate or from Slaughter Ranch.
* Please note that portions of the trail are closed during times of possible flooding. 

Wildlife photography:
While there are no permanent photo blinds on the refuge, the natural landscape and numerous wetlands provide many opportunities for photographers to get some amazing photos.  San Bernardino’s amazing landscape and wildlife make it a favorite among nature photographers.  

Hunting for mourning doves, white-winged doves, Gambel’s quail, scaled quail, and cottontail rabbits are allowed in accordance with state and federal regulations.  Sport hunting with shotguns and steel-shot-only is permitted on a designated portion of the refuge.  Please contact the refuge to learn more about the hunt program.