Come Prepared

Swainson's hawk on a hackberry tree/W. Radke

Please keep the following in mind when planning your trip to the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge.

  • This is a large and dry landscape so be sure to carry plenty of water.
  • Because of its remoteness and proximity to Mexico, certain portions of the refuge do not have cell phone reception within the United States.  Cell phone connections to Mexico are likely, which require international calling charges.
  • Many of the people you encounter may not speak English. 
  • Unattended vehicles could be damaged or stolen. 
  • Remote areas of the refuge can encourage illegal activity.  Be aware of your surroundings and make note of landmarks in case you need to be able to describe it to a law enforcement official.
  • Because of law enforcement pursuits, there is the possibility of high speed driving on the refuge.  Expect drivers to be distracted.