Anglers can enjoy fishing on San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge all year.

Bank fishing is permitted from the fishing pier and along Cedar Lakes Creek Trail at the end of San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge entrance road. All other areas are closed to fishing.

The refuge maintains a public boat ramp on Cedar Lake Creek. Access is available year round from official sunrise to sunset.

Boat fishing is permitted on all navigable waters of the Cedar Lakes, Cowtrap Lake and Cedar Lake Creek.

All state regulations apply.

Fishing Regulations
The refuge is open to sport fishing in designated areas and in accordance with State regulations. The following are to enhance your fishing experience:

  • Anglers can use cast nets for collecting bait for personal use at public fishing areas.  
  • Bank fishing is offered at the accessible fishing pier and along Cedar Lakes Creek Trail. 

To protect the refuge’s habitat and wildlife, the refuge prohibits:

  • Commercial crab traps on refuge waters.  
  • The use of trot lines, sail lines, set lines, jugs, spears, bush hooks, snatch hooks, crossbows, or bows and arrows of any type on refuge waters. 
  • Fishing or crabbing in any parts of Moccasin Pond, Rail Pond, Wolfweed Wetlands, or Cocklebur Slough. 
  • Use of possession of alcoholic beverages in all public fishing areas. 

Helpful Information
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