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Rules and Regulations

Historic house remains within refuge boundaries / M. Weisenberger, USFWSThere is no public access onto San Andres National Wildlife Refuge.

Due to the location of San Andres National Wildlife Refuge, which is completely surrounded by the 2.2 million-acre White Sands Missile Range, there is no visitor access onto the refuge.  The Department of Defense, Department of the Army, White Sands  Missile Range imposes restrictions for public safety and military security throughout their lands' boundaries and these restrictions prevent individuals from entering the refuge.

Please respect and honor all refuge boundary signs.

No one is to access the refuge boundaries unless escorted by a refuge staff member and/or without a security clearance authorized through the refuge.  Anyone found on the refuge without permission is subject to federal laws, possible trespass citations, and potential fines.  This includes other Interagency, federal government employees and their contracted vendors.  No individual or interagency employee or contractor is permitted to trespass on San Andres National Wildlife Refuge lands.  Please report any suspicious activity or sighting of trespass on San Andres National Wildlife Refuge to the refuge' office at 575-382-5047.

Please contact the refuge if you have any questions.

Page Photo Credits — Historic house remains within refuge boundaries / M. Weisenberger, USFWS
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2014
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