San Andres National Wildlife Refuge

San Andres Blue Goose Passport Stamp / USFWS

"That which we allow to exist, to flourish freely according to its own rhythms, is superior to anything our little hands create." 

     - William Powers

Refuge Headquarters:
The refuge office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (MDT).  The office is located a distance from the refuge boundaries, with a minimal .45 minute one way drive to reach the refuge.  Any access onto the refuge is by refuge staff escort only.  Access onto the refuge is restricted for public safety and security precautions.

The refuge office is where the business of the refuge is conducted.  Come by and get your Blue Goose Passport Book stamped.  Our complex is closed on weekends and federal holidays.  Before coming to the headquarters, visitors are encouraged to call in advance at 575-382-5047 in case the refuge's limited staff are off site.

Currently, our refuge does not have a Visitor Center, Gift Shop, or public facilities; but only the administrative office.  The office does display a photo exhibit; have a small supply of give-away brochures, coloring books, bookmarks, etc.; and a few interactive games to test your skill while visiting our office.  With a proposed, office building enlargement in the future, we hope to be able to offer visitor outreach for our area.

Refuge Lands:
San Andres National Wildlife Refuge has restricted access for safety and security concerns due to its location.  The refuge is completely surrounded by the 2.2 million-acre White Sands Missile Range, the largest military installation in the United States and a military weapons testing facility.  The refuge itself is located to the east of the office. 

* Please note: Cameras are prohibited on all areas of White Sands Missile Range, other than at their public museum which is located at their main headquarters entrance.  Because the refuge is encompassed within the Missile Range's lands, we can not allow permits to individuals or professional photographers to access the refuge.  Our refuge staff has provided numerous photographs throughout our public website to bring San Andres National Wildlife Refuge to you. 

For a magnificent view of the San Andres Mountain Range, visit the interpretive kiosk at San Augustine Pass on Highway 70 (south side) between Las Cruces and Alamogordo.  For information on public lands in our area that are easily accessible, view our Visitor Activities page.
Interagency Kiosk at San Augustine pull-out / K. Cobble, USFWS

The refuge office is located 10 miles east of the I-25 and Highway 70 intersection, at Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Highway 70 is Exit 6 off of I-25.  The office building and headquarter's complex is on the north side of Highway 70, after you take a right off of Highway 70 onto the Brahman Rd. Exit.  When heading east on Highway 70, from the Brahman Rd. Exit, you do a complete left turn going under the highway overpass and you will be on the parallel frontage road-Bataan Memorial West.  Continue coming down west, on the frontage road, to the third street on your right.  This street is Santa Gertrudis Dr. (it is marked with a green, metal street sign).  Our office complex is on the corner of Santa Gertrudis Dr. and the Bataan Memorial West frontage road with our entrance gate facing west on Santa Gertrudis Dr.

The lat/long to the office is 32.411800, -106.639920.