Refuge Within Military Base, Restricting Access

San Andres National Wildlife Refuge rugged mountainous terrain / USFWS

San Andres National Wildlife Refuge has restricted access onto the refuge, for safety and security concerns.  The refuge is completely surrounded by and accessed through the 2.2 million acre Department of Defense, Department of the Army, White Sands Missile Range; which is the largest military installation in the United States.

The Missile Range conducts missile testing maneuvers and low flying missions on a limited notice basis which will mandate sections of the Range and access through the Range to be closed to all.  Our refuge staff are subject to all of the security restrictions and access blocks imposed by the Missile Range.  There are also a number of unexploded ordinances throughout the Missile Range's lands and possibly within the refuge's boundaries. These hazardous devices may still be active today and can explode at the slightest contact.  Due to concerns for public safety, access onto and through the Missile Range's lands are limited.  With San Andres National Wildlife Refuge encompassed within the Missile Range's lands, the security restrictions imposed by the Department of Defense mandates over, and effects the refuge as well.

Please contact the refuge office at 575-382-5047 for more information and assistance.

We welcome you to the refuge office, located at 5686 Santa Gertrudis Dr., Las Cruces, New Mexico 88012.  Please phone ahead of time to ensure that a refuge staff member is present to assist you.