Least tern / USFWS

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it? Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is in northwest Oklahoma near the Kansas border. The visitor center is located 14 miles to the west of Cherokee and 14 miles south of the town of Jet.

When was it established? 1930.

How big is it? 32,197 acres.

Why is it here? The refuge was established as a refuge and breeding ground for birds and for use as a sanctuary for migratory birds.

What can I do there? Visitors can enjoy wildlife-dependent activities, including wildlife watching and photography, hunting, fishing, educational programs and special events.

Are pets allowed? Pets must be on a leash or in your vehicle.

Can I bring and release wildlife on the refuge? Releasing any animal (wildlife or unwanted pets) on Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is illegal and subject to a fine.