Employment Opportunities

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Types of Employment

Government Positions
Positions that are available at the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex are listed in the Federal Government employment web site.

Grant-Funded Positions
Occasionally, listings for positions funded through grants or partners become available and will be listed here.

Volunteers-in-Residence (formerly known as Internships)
The San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex maintains a year-round Volunteers-in-Residence program, offering qualified individuals the opportunity to gain experience in the fields of wildlife biology, environmental education or visitor services. For periods of time varying from 12 weeks to a year, Volunteers-in-Residence may be offered housing at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay NWR while supporting one or more of the National Wildlife Refuges within the Complex. Below is a list of the types of positions that are offered and a brief description. Each position also lists where it will be advertised if there is an opening. Due to many variables, we do not always know when a position becomes available. Duties also vary depending upon the season. It is recommended that you review the descriptions below and check the web sites listed periodically to see if we are hiring. Do not send your resumé. All inquires regarding internships will be referred back to this web page.

Biology Volunteers-in-Residence
Responsibilities include: Endangered plant and animal surveys (birds, mice, plants, amphibians and invertebrates); endangered and native plant seed collection; non-native vegetation mapping and removal; weed surveys, mapping, and control; avian predator surveys; vernal/seasonal pool sampling; nest success monitoring; cross support with other refuges; data entry; report preparation; GPS; occasional early morning/late evening/weekend work; and working with staff and volunteers. When hiring, listings can be found at:
San Jose State University Career Center
Texas A&M University Job Board
Society for Conservation Biology 

Biology Volunteers-in-Residence - San Pablo Bay NWR and Marin Islands NWR
Responsibilities include: Native plant propagation, plant restoration, and invasive plant control; mapping of invasive plants with GPS and managing spatial data; assistance with small mammal and bird surveys; database management. When hiring, listing can be found at:
Sonoma State University
UC Davis Internship and Career Center 
Texas A&M University Job Board 
Society of Conservation Biology
Wildlife Society

Biology Volunteers-in-Residence - Endangered Least Tern (May-August)
Responsibilities include: Monitor colony of endangered birds and their predators; heavy record keeping; good computer and communication skills; work with staff and volunteers. When hiring, listing can be found at:
Texas A&M University Job Board 
Society for Conservation Biology

Environmental Education Volunteers-in-Residence
Responsibilities include: Support the Environmental Education Program and weekend programs at the Visitor Center and Environmental Education Center; assist with office work and coordination of events; communicate with educators; perform equipment maintenance; assist with weekend programs; develop education curriculum for on/off site use; greet visitors and provide refuge information. When hiring, listings can be found on this web page. Do not send your resumé until there is a job listing.  

Visitor Services Volunteers-in-Residence 
Responsibilities include: Work with volunteers from a variety of backgrounds & ages; staff and manage the Visitor Center Desk; lead volunteer groups; write and/or assist with editing the volunteer newsletter; assist/lead special events; present interpretive programs for children; create fliers and other publications for the general public; respond to public and volunteer inquiries; assist with mailings, database and record keeping; assist Environmental Education, Biology and Admin staff when needed. When hiring, listings can be found on this web page.  Do not send your resumé until there is a job listing.