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Sacramento River NWR Hunting

Wild Turkeys by Mike Peters

The Sacramento River NWR has over 5,350 acres open to fishing, migratory game bird, upland game, and big game hunting.  

 This webpage is specific for Sacramento River NWR.
Find out more about Waterfowl Hunting on the Sacramento NWR Complex.
  • General Overview Maps

    - Sacramento River NWR Hunting Access Map = overview of areas open to hunting.
    - Unit Brochures/Maps = detailed brochures/maps each river unit (with regulations).
    Sacramento River NWR Brochure = overview of all areas open to the public.
    -Visit the California Department of Fish and Game website for information on some of the neighboring units on the Sacramento River. *Please note that some of the regulations can be different on their properties.

  • NEWS for 2016-17

    Hunt Page - newspaper silouette

     • ATTENTION: As of July 1, 2015, lead slugs are no longer permitted on Sacramento River NWR Units and state wildlife areas for big game. For more information about Non-lead Ammunition in California, visit the CDFW's website (look under Frequently-Asked Questions).


    • The top parking lot (west of the J levee) of the Capay Unit will be open to vehicle access beginning Saturday, April 1. County Rd 23 is still closed east of the J levee keeping the other two parking lots closed to vehicle access. The Capay Unit is still open to boat access. 


    • La Barranca Unit has an expanded area open to hunting and other recreational activities (April 2016) (brochure, pdf)

    • Feral pig hunting is open for hunters (Sept 1, 2014) (news release, pdf)

  • General Information and Safety

    Hunt Page - Rules and Regs Silouette

    The Sacramento River NWR is a Type-C hunt area. There are no recreation fees, no hunter check stations, and no hunter quotas. Find more information and regulations about hunting the Sacramento River NWR.

    Learn More
  • Bag Limits

    Hunt Page - Bag Limit Silouette

    Click here to see a Summary of Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits for the Sacramento NWR Complex.

  • Junior & Youth Hunting

    Hunt Page - Youth Hunter Silouette

    The Complex offers extra hunting opportunities for young hunters. The Codora Unit offers hunting only for Junior Hunters. Visit the maps page to see the Codora map/brochure.

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  • Mobility-Impaired Hunting

    Hunt Page - Disabled Hunter Silouette

    The Sul Norte Unit has a 1/2 mile packed gravel trail with a hunting blind developed for turkey and deer hunting and is available on a first-come, first-served basis seven days a week. For additional access needs, please contact the Refuge Manager.

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  • Maps

    Hunt Page - Maps Silouette

    Find detailed information and maps for all of the individual units of the Sacramento River NWR see the link below.

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  • What species can I take?

    The following species are open to hunting on the Sacramento River NWR. Please see individual unit maps for unit-specific restrictions.

     - Migratory game birds: goose, duck, coot, moorhen, dove, snipe. Click here to Learn More.
     - Upland game: pheasant, turkey, quail. Click here to Learn More.
     - Big game: black-tailed deer, feral pig. Click here to Learn More.

Page Photo Credits — Mike Peters
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017
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