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Get outdoors and go for a walk! The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex offers a variety of trails. Learn more below.

  • Sacramento NWR

    Sacramento Visitor Area

    Wetland Walk - This 2-mile trail departs from the Visitor Center and wanders through wetlands, vernal pools and riparian habitat. Grab an interpretive booklet (pdf) and learn about the Complex and its wildlife and habitats. The north loop is disabled-accessible.

    Download Map/Brochure (pdf)

    Logan Creek Trail - Open only from February 15 - June 30 (see photos, pdf). Up to 6 miles of trails through wetlands and vernal pools.  In-ground blinds are available for photography (waders required). Access is from Parking Lot D, off of County Road 68.

    Download Map/Brochure (pdf)

  • Colusa NWR

    Colusa Visitor Area

    This 1-mile trail (1/2 mile out and back) is a shaded walk through riparian habitat. Part way along the trail is a small boardwalk where visitors can overlook a wetland and catch glimpses of waterfowl. This is a great spot to see wood ducks during the spring and summer. Trail begins near the Observation Deck.

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  • Llano Seco Unit of the North Central Valley WMA

    LlanoSeco Visitor Area 2014

    This 1-mile trail (1/2 mile out and back) departs from the Observation Platform at the parking area, and takes you to a second Observation Platform. Very limited shade during the summer. Great viewing of sandhill cranes and waterfowl from October - February.

    Download Map/Brochure

  • Sutter NWR

    Sutter Spring Trails 2013

    Trails are only open from February 15 - June 30 (see photos). Up to 6 miles of trails. Riparian section offers great viewing of songbirds and raptors. Waterfowl are present until wetlands dry up in March/April.

    Download the Map/Brochure

  • Sacramento River NWR

    Sac River Public Use Leaflet 2014

    Eight of the Sac River NWR units have trails. From May 15 - August 15 bicycles are permitted on the trails except at Ord Bend. Some units allow hunting between August 1 - May 31, so visit the Sacramento River NWR Visitor Activities webpage if you are concerned about user-overlap. Restrooms are only available at Sul Norte unit. All areas have riparian habitat that offer great viewing of songbirds between March and late May.

    Rio Vista (Download Map/Brochure) - on South Avenue east of Corning; 6.5 miles of marked trails; has view of river
    Pine Creek (Download Map/Brochure) - on Highway 32 just west of Sacramento River; 2 miles of marked trails
    Capay (Download Map/Brochure) - on Road 23 which is off of Highway 45, south of Hamilton City; 3 miles of marked trails; has view of river from 3rd parking area
    Ord Bend (Download Map/Brochure) -  on Ord Ferry Road just west of Sacramento River; 1 mile of marked trails
    Sul Norte (Download Map/Brochure) - on Highway 162 west of Sacramento River, just west of Butte City; 2.5 miles of marked trails
    Codora (Download Map/Brochure) - on Highway 162 west of Sacramento River....access through Sul Norte parking area; 4.5 miles of trails
    Packer (Download Map/Brochure) - on Highway 45 north of Princeton; 1.5 miles of marked trails
    Drumheller (Download Map/Brochure) - on Road 67 east of Butte City (from Highway 162 go south on Road Y); 0.4 miles of marked trails; has view of river

  • Be Prepared!

    These are natural and wild areas. 

    You may encounter ticks, mosquitoes, wasps, yellow-jackets, bees, poison oak, stinging nettle, poison hemlock, rattle snakes (Sac River NWR) and mountain lions.