Waterfowl Hunting Maps and Directions

Pacifics and Tules by Mike Peters

For your driving safety:

1. Use CAUTION....slow down so you can read the small road signs.    
2. Plan additional driving time when there is foggy or rainy weather.   
3. Review driving directions, location map or GPS coordinates
    BEFORE you begin driving - PLAN AHEAD.

The speed limit on the refuges is 15 mph and it is enforced!

2019-2020 Waterfowl Hunting Maps 

Refer to second page of each document for information and refuge regulations.


Floodup Maps Projected Water as of Oct. 21 or 30, 2019 (colored areas = water); maps at the check station will show the most up to date water

    Hunter Check Station Maps

    These maps include driving directions and GPS coordinates.

    Hunting Blinds/Islands Coordinates

    For use in mapping or GPS upload


    Sacramento River NWR Maps


    View brochures and maps of the Sacramento River NWR.