Junior Duck Stamp Contest Rules and Forms

It is very important to read all the information below otherwise your art will be disqualified.

  • Artwork Submission Instructions

    • Annual Postmark Deadline: February 1
    • Mailing Address: 2081 Arena Boulevard, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95834
    • Instructions: Please include artwork along with a completed legible entry form and reference sheet. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. 

  • Forms and Species List

    Duck ID Challenge Sac Jr Hunt Dec 2012 have permission

    Entry Form:

    Reference Sheet (please attach hard copies of the images you used with your reference sheet):


    Eligible Species 


  • Entry Requirements

    JDS Art 150x118

    Read the complete information packet. 

    -The physical size of submitted artwork must be 9" x 12". (Contact us if you need paper)  
    -Entries must be less than ¼" thick.   
    -Image layout must be horizontal.  
    -Image must be a live portrayal of a native North American duck, swan or goose (see eligible species list below).  
    -Entries should not be matted.  
    -There should be no border around the image.  
    -A loose, detachable cover sheet may be laid over the art face to protect it during shipping. Spray chalk and pastel entries with a fixative to eliminate possible scuffing and smudging during transfer of artwork.  
    -The entry may be multi-color, black and white, or a single color; it may be rendered in ink, paint, pastel, crayon, or pencil.  
    -Techniques may include scratch-board, airbrush, linoleum printing, paper collage, dry brush, crosshatch, pointillism, etc. No photography, weak pencil, or computer-generated art will be accepted.  
    -No lettering, words, signatures or initials may appear on the front of the design. Inclusion of such markings will result in disqualification.  
    -Design entries must be contestant's original, hand-drawn creation and may not be traced or copied from published photographs or other artists' works. (See below for more information)  
    -Photographs taken by the student may be used as references in the development of the design. Computers or other mechanical devices may not be used in creating artwork. Students should not copy of imitate a teacher's photo.  
      **Entries that do not meet the requirements will be disqualified.  

       The annual contest entries must be postmarked by February 1. 

      An updated mailing address will be posted this fall. 


    • Using References for Your Entry

      150 Bufflehead

      Scenes should depict birds in their natural habitat; for example, sea ducks should be shown in ocean areas. Feather colors should be appropriate to the time of the year depicted by the environment. Decoratively designed birds are to receive equal voting consideration as realistic depictions as long as they are anatomically correct according to species depicted. Students should not reproduce other artists’ visual images for the purpose of presenting them as their own creative work.

      Only work that is the unique creation of the individual student should be entered into competition. Please do not submit work which has been directly or indirectly copied from any published source. Students limited by environment or experience may rely on published images as guides when producing a work. Especially when many references are used to develop an understanding of the subject represented in the entry, the entry must be the student's own creation and idea.

      How to properly use a reference.

      Examples of copying and how to avoid it.

      Make it Original. Make it your Own!

      How to compete for the Best of Show (handout from Oregon)