Come explore the Sacramento NWR Complex by combining nature and technology on our high-tech scavenger hunt!
Mystery Geocaching is a high-tech family-friendly scavenger hunt that employs a hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) unit.

The Complex has two geocaches: Sensing Nature and Nature's Mystery. Sensing Nature takes about 30 minutes and will challenge you to use all your senses to explore the Sacramento NWR. Nature's Mystery will have you traveling all over the Complex (about 100-mile loop) to find all the locations.

What do you need to do?

Bring your own GPS unit or borrow one from the visitor center. Pick up a clue sheet (or print one, see below). Follow the cluesheet and your GPS unit will lead you to specific locations on the Complex, from there you will complete a task or answer a question. This does not involve finding or leaving a cache (which is prohibited on national wildlife refuges), but there is a final log book and cache waiting for you near the Sacramento NWR visitor center once you have solved the cache!

Learn More About Geocaching

Our caches and more information about geocaching can be found on Once you log on to the site you can search for our geocaches using the cache ID numbers: Sensing Nature Geocache is GC1GKR0 and Nature's Mystery Geocache is GC1GKV3.

Download Sensing Nature Cluesheet (pdf)
Download Nature's Mystery Cluesheet (pdf)