Private Landowner Programs

Private Landowner Programs
  • About the Private Lands Program

    The Private Lands Program was initiated at Sacramento NWR Complex in 1981 to protect private wetlands in the Sacramento Valley for the benefit of migratory birds and other wetland dependent wildlife. Initially, the focus of the private lands staff was implementing the Service's Conservation Easement Program to protect existing wetland resources. Over the years, the Private Lands Program has grown to include the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and an active Technical Assistance Program. Today, the private lands staff works not only to protect wetlands but to restore, enhance and manage a variety of habitats for the benefit of migratory birds, anadromous fish, and threatened and endangered species.

  • Conservation Easement Program


    The Conservation Easement Program is a voluntary program where willing landowners are paid a percentage of their wetland or agricultural property's fair market value for purchase of the farming and development rights in perpetuity.

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  • Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program


    The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is a voluntary program which provides financial assistance and technical expertise to help private landowners restore and enhance fish and wildlife habitat on their property.

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  • Technical Assistance Program

    Technical Assistance

    If you need help with a habitat restoration project or have a land management question, the private lands staff at Sacramento NWR Complex can provide assistance.

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  • Private Lands Workshop

    Private Lands Workshop

    Sacramento NWR Complex hosts a biennial Private Lands Workshop.

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