Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program


The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is a voluntary program which provides financial assistance and technical expertise to help private landowners restore and enhance fish and wildlife habitat on their property.

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife (PFW) program was officially established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1987. A group of Service biologists and other conservation partners had the vision to look beyond the boundaries of government lands and see the opportunity to work cooperatively with private landowners. The PFW program was developed to complement many of the traditional Service easement programs by offering restoration and enhancement agreements, and to provide financial and technical assistance to interested landowners. 

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife program was established at Sacramento NWR Complex in 1990. Since its inception, PFW has worked cooperatively with private landowners to implement over 180 PFW projects on private lands throughout the northern Sacramento Valley and the neighboring foothills. During this time, wetlands, native uplands and riparian forest habitats have been restored and enhanced to benefit many federal trust resources, including: waterfowl, migratory birds, anadromous fish and threatened and endangered species. The PFW program provides cost-sharing and technical assistance to private landowners, local governments, Native American tribes, educational institutions, and other entities.

For more information, contact the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Biologist at (530) 934-2801.