CCP - What it a CCP?

Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) is a 15-year plan that identifies issues, goals, objectives, and strategies for refuge management. The CCP provides refuge managers a blue print for management, and it provides neighbors and others a clear picture of what the Service intends to do in terms of managing the habitat, protecting the wildlife, and providing a place where people can enjoy wildlife-dependent activities. The planning steps are:

  1. Gather information
  2. Identify issues/public scoping
  3. Develop management alternatives and evaluate their impacts
  4. Prepare a draft plan for public review
  5. Revise and release a final plan

Why Does the Service Prepare CCPs? 

In 1997, the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act directed the Service to prepare a CCP for every national wildlife refuge within the Refuge System. The Service's planning policy (pdf, 353.6 KB) and planning goals outline a collaborative approach involving communities, neighbors, agencies, conservation organizations, and many others. We hope to strengthen the partnerships we have today and forge new ones as the planning process develops. It also provides many opportunities for the public to be involved with planning the future of a national wildlife refuge. 


Sacramento NWR Complex CCPs:

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How You Can Be Involved

Comments are welcome at anytime throughout the planning process either by e-mail or regular mail. Please address your comments to: 

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex
752 County Road 99W
Willows, CA 95988
Phone: 530 934-2801
Fax: 530 934-7814