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Comprehensive Conservation Planning

Canvasback DrakeThe purpose of a CCP is to specify a management direction for the Refuge for the next 15 years. The goals, objectives, and strategies for improving Refuge conditions—including the types of habitat we will provide, partnership opportunities, and management actions needed to achieve desired conditions – are described in the CCP. The Service’s preferred alternative for managing the Refuge and its effects on the human environment, are described in the CCP as well.

The National Wildlife Refuge Improvement Act of 1997 requires the Refuge to prepare a CCP to: 

  • Ensure that management of the Refuge reflects the founding purposes of the Refuge and the mission, policies, and goals of the National Wildlife Refuge   System.  When a refuge is created, explicit purpose statements are developed and incorporated into the founding legislation or executive order.  A refuge's founding purpose statement, or statements, serve as the bedrock for all management decisions.  Of all the regulations, policies, and laws that guide refuge management, they have the highest priority.
  • Describe significant resources, or resources of concern, and identify how the Refuge can best protect these resources.  In the end, we hope to provide the public with an understanding of the reasons for management actions on the Refuge.
  • Provide a vision statement for the refuge, which is a general description, a mental image, of the desired future condition of the Refuge.  In other words, if a visitor arrived at Ruby Lake NWR years down the road; what would they see and experience?
  • Ensure the compatibility of current and future uses of the Refuge with its founding purposes, and clarify what public uses are and are not allowed.
  • Provide long-term continuity in refuge management.
  • Provide budget justification for operation and maintenance, plus justify any request for the construction of new facilities, such as offices or shops.
  • Identify the Refuge's role within the local community and as a national resource.

Public scoping meeting for Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan 

The Refuge started its CCP planning effort in October, 2010, by mailing information and the first planning update to agencies, individuals, conservation groups, tribes, and other identified stakeholders.  Following the mailing, a scoping meeting was held on November 3, 2010, in Elko, Nevada. The purpose of the meeting was to identify issues and concerns, answer questions, and share individual visions for the future management of the Refuge.  Written comments were collected until December 30, 2010, and these written comments plus the verbal comments received at the scoping meeting were summarized in second planning update.

Since the second update the Service has been developing goals, objectives, and crafting alternatives, as well as completing a draft of Chapter 3, The Affected Environment.  Although the official comment period ended on December 30, 2010, the Service will still accept comments from the public at this time.  In addition, there will be future opportunities to comment once a completed draft of the CCP becomes available.


Please send letters or emails to:  

  Refuge Manager   Mark Pelz, Regional Refuge Planner
  Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge   U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  HC 60 Box 860       OR          CA/NV Refuge Planning Office
  Ruby Valley, NV 89833   2800 Cottage Way, W-1832 

 Thanks for your interest in Ruby Lake NWR's CCP planning process.

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2014
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