Seasons of Wildlife

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Experience Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge in every season.

  • Spring

    Sandhill Crane spring scene

    Fluffy yellow goslings huddle near the safety of their parents on the refuge’s dikes, Sandhill Cranes stake out their territories and guard nests, and the male Sage Grouse perform their elaborate courtship dances in an effort to attract a mate...

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  • Summer

    Trumpeter Swan summer scene

    The snow-capped mountains and chilly days are replaced by the lush verdant green of the marsh and temperatures range from the low eighties to mid-nineties during the afternoon...

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  • Fall

    Fall Color by Guy Wagner

    Mustard yellow, golden yellow, lemon yellow – shades of yellow define Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge this time of year... 

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  • Winter

    Winter scene at Fort Ruby by Guy Wagner

    The stark landscape is beautiful and dramatic, as the azure sky provides a bold background to the pristine snow-capped Ruby Mountains... 

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