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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with lawn mowerDue to our remote location and harsh winters, the volunteer program at Ruby Lake NWR typically seeks to recruit one or more residential volunteers that serve during the period April – September.  Because housing is not available, most of our volunteers are retired, full time RV enthusiasts that are seeking an enjoyable, productive experience.  Spectacular recreational opportunities and a mild summer climate attract prospective volunteers from around the country, especially those looking to escape the heat and humidity of southern and eastern locales.

Volunteers engage in a variety of groundskeeping and light maintenance work.  Activities include mowing, trimming, filling brochure boxes and hummingbird feeders, caring for comfort stations, and occasionally some office duties.  RV hook-ups are provided in exchange for 30 volunteer hours each week.  The Refuge attempts to emphasize each volunteer's special skills and interests, therefore, specifics such as duration of stay, tasks performed, and weekly hours are somewhat negotiable. If interested in volunteering at Ruby Lake NWR, please contact Volunteer Coordinator at (775) 779-2237 or send resume to:

Volunteer Coordinator

Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge

HC 60 Box 860

Ruby Valley, NV 89833

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2015
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