Fishing Regulations



Season                                                                   The Refuge is open year-round to fishing except in areas posted as closed.
Size and Limits              Size and bag limits are listed in the State of Nevada fishing regulations.
Bait Fish                  The possession or use of live or dead bait fish (including crayfish and amphibians) is PROHIBITED anywhere on the refuge.
Areas Open    Collection Ditch: Except where posted as closed, fishing is permitted using ONLY artificial lures and flies.  Use of bait, float tubes, and wading is prohibited.
 Marsh Units North of Brown Dike:  Fishing is ONLY permitted from the manmade dikes, except in Unit 21 as noted under Flotation Devices, Wading and Bank Fishing, and Ice Fishing below.
 Spring Ponds: The spring ponds on the west side of the South Marsh are open year-round.  Bait fishing is allowed.  The use of float tubes and wading is prohibited.
 South Marsh: Fishing is permitted year-round.  See Floatation Devices, Wading and Bank Fishing, and Ice Fishing below as well as the Boating Regulations page.
Area Access                                                              Access your preferred area by designated footpaths from vehicle access roads.  Watch for signs indicating "No Access Beyond This Point" to avoid crossing areas that are closed to the public.  Some fishing areas are wheelchair accessible.
Areas Closed                                                                     Fishing is prohibited in the following areas: 1) the rearing and brood ponds at Gallagher Hatchery, 2) the North Hatchery Canopy and adjacent ponds including the west bank of the Collection Ditch as posted, and 3) Cave Creek west of the county road.
Flotation Devices                      Unit 21 and designated areas of the South Marsh (including the mouth of the Collection Ditch at the west end of Brown Dike, the Main Boat Landing, and Narciss Boat Landing) are open to foot propelled flotation devices (float tubes) year-round.  From January 1 to June 14, boats are not allowed on the Refuge.
 From June 15 to December 31, the entire South Marsh is open to float tubes and other forms of permissible watercraft (please refer to the Boating Regulations page).
Wading and Bank Fishing                     Unit 21: Wading and bank fishing is permitted year-round.
 South Marsh: From January 1 to July 31, wading and bank fishing is permitted ONLY at Brown Dike, the Main Boat Landing, and Narciss Boat Landing.  From August to December 31, the entire South Marsh is open to wading and Bank fishing.
Ice Fishing         Refuge waters are open to ice fishing; however, hazardous ice conditions exist at all times due to numerous springs and areas of groundwater inflow.
Licenses                                                                                                                                                  All anglers 12 years of age and older must have a valid Nevada State Fishing License. State licenses for hunting and fishing are not available in Ruby Valley.  The nearest retailers are in Elko or Ely.  Licenses may also be purchased online.

All Nevada State Fishing Regulations also apply.