Reptiles and Amphibians

Northern Leopard frog in hand

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The Refuge supports one of Nevada’s most important remaining populations of Northern Leopard Frogs, a species in decline throughout the west.   Western Toads are found in Ruby Valley, and although museum specimens from the 1920’s confirm they once occurred on the Refuge, none have been documented in recent years.

Great Basin RattlesnakeGreat Basin Gopher Snakes, Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes, Western Racers, Great Basin Rattlesnakes, and Night Snakes can be found on the Refuge.  Rubber Boas occur in adjacent mountainous terrain.  Western Fence Lizards, Sagebrush Lizards, Greater Short-horned Lizards, and the Western Skink comprise the four species of lizard found at Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.


Garter SnakePlease drive slowly and be observant for snakes (at times numerous) on both the county road and the auto tour, as they play an important natural role as both predator and prey.  Efforts to document additional species of amphibians and reptiles on the Refuge are ongoing. 

Visit the reptile and amphibian gallery 




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