Giant Clams

The purpose of a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) is to specify a management direction for the Refuge for the next 15 years.


  • Comprehensive Conservation Plan

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    Rose Atoll CCP Vision Statement: Perched on an ancient volcano, reef corals, algae, and clams grow upwards thousands of feet on the foundation built by their ancestors over millions of years. Here, Rose Atoll National Wildlife Refuge glows pink in the azure sea. This diminutive atoll shelters a profusion of tropical life. Encircled by a rose-colored coralline algal reef, the lagoon teems with brilliant fish and fluted giant clams with hues of electric blue, gold, and dark teal. Sea turtles gracefully ply the waters and find safe haven lumbering ashore to lay eggs that perpetuate their ancient species. On land, stately Pisonia trees form a dim green cathedral where sooty tern calls echo as they fly beneath the canopy. Their calls join the cackling of the red-footed boobies, whinnying of the frigate birds, and moaning of the wedge-tailed shearwaters. Inspired by their living history at the atoll, tamaiti perpetuate Fa’a Samoa through an understanding and shared stewardship of their natural world. In the vast, deep South Pacific, Rose Atoll survives as a monument from the past and beacon for the future of biological, geological, and cultural diversity for all Samoa.

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  • National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act

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    National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997: The NWRS Improvement Act defines a unifying mission for all refuges, including a process for determining compatible uses on refuges, and requiring that each refuge be managed according to a CCP. The NWRS Improvement  Act expressly states that wildlife conservation is the priority of System lands and that the Secretary shall ensure that the biological integrity, diversity, and environmental health of refuge lands are maintained. Each refuge must be managed to fulfill the specific purposes for which the refuge was established and the System mission. The first priority of each refuge is to conserve, manage, and if needed, restore fish and wildlife populations and habitats according to its purpose.

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